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We have more vintage cards online and ready to purchase than any other website.  Our goal at Dean's Cards is to make collecting fast, fun, and easy.   One of the ways we aim to make things easy for our customers is to offer searches on that are tailored specifically to what you are looking for.  

We know that one of the main ways people collect vintage baseball cards is by their favorite player.  In order to find and purchase all the cards of your favorite players, you can either do a simple search in the search box located at the top of any page on our website, or use our comprehensive player search.  

by Dean Hanley

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Felipe Alou
Gene Alley
Jesus Alou
Matty Alou
Max Alvis
Del Alston
Rafael Almeida
Abraham Almonte
Adrian Alaniz
Al Alburquerque
Al Albuquerque
Allen Aldridge
Alvin Al Dark
Alphonse Al Lopez
Amos Alonzo Stagg
An All Star Battery
Andrew Alberts
Pedro Alvarez
Andy Allanson
Anthony Allen
Anthony Alridge
Antonio Alfonseca
Antonio Allen
Arismendy Alcantara
Asher Allen
Aundrae Allison
Beau Allred
Bernie Allen
Big Al Sears
Bill Almon
Billy Allen
Billy Almon
Luis Alvarado
Bob Allen
Bob Allietta
Brandon Allen
Brant Alyea
Brent Alexander
Brian Allard
Brian Allen
Bruce Alford
Bryan Allen
Buddy Allen
Lyle Alzado
Chad Allen
Charles Albert Chief Bender
Charles Alcott
Charles Alexander
Chris Allen
Chuck Allen
Al Alex Monchak
Claire Alexander
Clay Allison
Cody Almond
Cody Allen
Cole Aldrich
Cory Aldridge
Cory Alexander
Courtney Alexander
Dale Alexander
Gary Alexander
Dalva Allen
Dan Alexander
Dan Allen
Sandy Alomar Sr.
Dana Allison
Danario Alexander
Daniel Alfredsson
Dariel Alvarez
David Allen
David Alexander
Dell Alston
Derrick Alexander
Derrick Alston
Dick Alban
Bob Allison
Doyle Alexander
Dwayne Allen
Woody Allen
Edgar Allen Poe
Edgardo Alfonzo
Edwin Aldrin
Edwin Almonte
Eliezer Alfonzo
Elijah Alexander
Eric Allen
Erick Almonte
Ervin Alcantara
Ethan Allen
Fred Allen
Flavio Alfaro
Frank Albert
Vic Albury
Frankie Albert
Frankie Alberts
Gabe Alvarez
Gair Allie
Gary Aldcorn
Gary Allenson
Garvin Alston
George Altman
George Allen Brown
George Alusik
Gerald Alexander
Grady Alderman
Grover Alexander
Gus Albert
Hank Allen
Harold Alexander
Henderson Alvarez
Henry Allison
Marcus Allen
Ikaika Alama-Francis
Israel Alcantara
James Albert
James Allen
Jamie Allen
Jared Allen
Jason Allison
Jason Allen
Javorius Allen
Jay Aldrich
Jay Alford
Jeff Alkire
Jeff Alm
Jeff Allison
Jeffrey Allison
Jermaine Allensworth
Jerome Allen
Jim Allen
Jim Allison
Kermit Alexander
Johnny Allen
Joe Alexander
Joe Altobelli
John Allen
John Alt
R.J. Alvarez
Jon Alston
Jonathan Albaladejo
Jose Altuve
Jose Alvarez
Joseph Altman
June Allyson
Karl Alzner
Keenan Allen
Keith Allen
Kiko Alonso
Kim Allen
Laila Ali
Lance Alworth
LaMarcus Aldridge
Larry Allen
Lew Alcindor Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Lionel Aldridge
Lloyd Allen
Lou Allen
Luis Alcaraz
Lucius Allen
Luis Alicea
Luis Aloma
Mack Alston
Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez
Malik Allen
Manny Alexander
Mario Alford Jr.
Mark Alarie
Marvin Allen
Matt Albers
Matt Alexander
Branden Albert
Max Alibi Terhune
Mel Almada
Melo Almada
Michael Allan
Michael Almanzar
Miguel Almonte
Scott Alexander
Mike Aldrete
Mike Allison
Mike Alexander
Mike Alstott
Montreal Alouettes
Moises Alou
Morris Almond
Muhammad Ali
Myron Allen
Nate Allen
Neil Allen
Nick Altrock
Nick Alvarez
Nikita Alexeev
Ossie Alvarez
Porfirio Altamirano
Quentin Altizer
Rafer Alston
Raul Allegre
Ray Alexander
Ray Allen
Ray Allison
Rex Allen
Rich Alexis
Rich Allen
Rich 'Richie' 'Dick' Allen
Richie Allen
Robert Alcombrack
Roberto Alomar
Ron Albright
Rufus Alexander
Russell Allen
Sandy Alomar
Sandy Alomar Jr.
Santo Alcala
Scott Aldred
Shaun Alexander
Stephen Alexander
Steve Allen
Steve Alford
Tavo Alvarez
Ted Albrecht
Terry Allen
Tim Alexander
Tom Alston
Rogelio Alvarez
Tony Alvarez
Tony Allen
Trev Alberts
Tyson Alualu
Vic Aldridge
Victor Aldridge
Victor Alexander
Victor Alvarez
Vince Albritton
W.E. Alexander
Walt Alston
Walter Alston
Whitey Alperman
Whitey Alperman - Batting
Will Allen
Willie Alexander
Wilson Alvarez
XX0 Album
Yonder Alonso
Zoilo Almonte


Craig Anderson
Mike Andrews
Elvis Andrus
Al Andrews
Alfred Anderson
Allan Anderson
Artem Anisimov
Brady Anderson
Bill Anderson
Bill Andrews
Bill Annis
Bill Antonello
Bob Anderson
Houston Antwine
Brett Anderson
Brian Anderson
Bryan Anderson
Bud Angsman
Bud Anderson
Budd and Travis
C.J. Anderson
California Angels Team
Cap Anson
Cap Anson cards
Carmelo Anthony
Charlie Anderson
Charlie Ane
Chase Anderson
Chris Anderson
Chris Anstey
Chris Andersen
Clark (hand and glove show)
Clayton Andrews
Cliff Anderson
Cody Anderson
Courtney Anderson
Craig Ansman
Damien Anderson
Danny and the Juniors
Dave Anderson
Dave Andreychuk
David Anderson
Derek Anderson
Deon Anderson
Dick Anderson
Dion and the Belmonts
Donny Anderson
Dres Anderson
Drew Anderson
Dwain Anderson
Earl Anderson
Ed Andrews
Elmer Angsman
Eric Anderson
Eric Andolsek
Eric Anthony
Ezekiel Ansah
Flipper Anderson
Ken Anderson
Frank Andruski
Fred Anderson
Fred Annis
Garret Anderson
Gary Anderson
George Andrie
Glenn Anderson
Greg Anthony
Greg Anderson
Harry Anderson
Ivy Andrews
Larry Andersen
Jamaal Anderson
James Anderson
Jamal Anderson
Jan and Dean
Jason Anderson
Jennifer Aniston
Jesse Anderson
Jim Anderson
Joakim Andersson
Joaquin Andujar
Joel Anthony
John Anderson
John Antonelli
John Anderson - Fielding
Johnny Antonelli
Josh Anderson
Kenny Anderson
Kenny Anderson DN
Kent Anderson
Kent-Erik Andersson
Keto Anderson
Kimble Anders
Larry Anderson
Lars Anderson
Lee Anthony
Lee Andrews
Lionel Antoine
Lou Angotti
Los Angeles Angels
Los Angeles Dodgers
Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York Yankees
Lu Ann Simms
Luke Anderson
Mad Anthony Wayne
Marge and Gower Champion
Mario Andretti
Mark Anderson
Marlon Anderson
Martynas Andriuskevicius
Matt Anderson
Matt Andriese
Matt Antonelli
Michael Ansley
Mickey and Sylvia
Mike Anderson
Mike Antonovich
Morten Anderson
Morten Andersen
Nate Andrews
Neal Anderson
Nick Anderson
Nik Antropov
Nikolai Antropov
Norm Angelini
Omer Anthony
Ottis Anderson
Pat Angerer
Paul Anka
Paul Anderson
Paul Andrea
Paul Andrews
Pier Angeli
Poison Andrews
R2 and Ewoks
Ralph Anderson
Reidel Anthony
Richard Anderson
Richie Anderson
Rick Anderson
Rick Ankiel
Rob Andrews
Robert Andino
Ron Anderson
Ron Andruff
Russ Anderson
Ryan Anderson
Sammy Angott
Santa Anna
Scotty Anderson
Shandon Anderson
Shane Andrews
Shawn Andrews
Shirley and Lee
Marc Andre Fleury
Stacey Andrews
Stanley Andrews
Stephen Andrade
Luis Antonio Jumenez
Taz Anderson
Tim Anderson
Sparky Anderson
Travis Anglin
Varney Anderson
Wally Andrews
Wally Anderzunas
Wes Anderson
William Andrews
Willie Anderson
Willie Ansley
Zenon Andrusyshyn


Aaron Archer
Adam Archuleta
Bronson Arroyo
Adrian Arrington
Al Arbour
Jim Archer
Alberto Arias
Alex Arias
Alison Armitage
Anthony Armstrong
Arnold Arnie Portocarrero
Arnold Arnie Portocarrero
Art Aragon
Arthur Art Fletcher
Athur Art Fletcher
B.J. Armstrong
Baldwin (Left arm extended)
Ed Armbrister
Barry Ardern
Benedict Arnold
Jose Arcia
Bob Armstrong
Bob Arnzen
Brad Arnsberg
Brandon Armstrong
Bruce Armstrong
Nolan Arenado
Cameron Artis-Payne
Carlos Arroyo
Charles Arbuckle
Charley Armbruster
Fred Arbanas
Chester Arthur
Chris Archer
Chris Arnold
Chuck Arnason
Jake Arrieta
Colby Armstrong
Danny Ardoin
Darrell Armstrong
Darrell Arthur
Nate Archibald
David Archer
Derek Armstrong
Devin Aromashodu
Mike Armstrong
Dri Archer
Elvis Araujo
Erisbel Arruebarrena
Eve Arden
Evgeni Artyukhin
Fernando Arroyo
Flash Archdeacon
Frank Arellanes
Frank Arrelanes
Frank Arellanes - Follow Thru
Frank Arrellanes
Fred Arthur
Fred Arroyo
George Arias
George Armstrong
Gerry Arrigo
Gilbert Arenas
Hank Arft
Harry Arndt
Harry Arndt - Portrait
Henry Armstrong
Herman Armbruster
Herman Armbruster - Portrait
Hilton Armstrong
J.J. Arrington
J.P. Arencibia
Jack Armstrong
James Arness
Jamie Arniel
Jamie Arnold
Jason Arnold
Jason Arnott
Javier Arenas
Jerry Arrigo
Jessie Armstead
Jim Ard
Jim Arnold
Joaquin Arias
Joe Arenas
John Arnett
John Arbour
Jon Arnett
Jose Arredondo
Justin Armour
Kevin Ardoin
Kristin Armstrong
Kyle Arrington
LaVar Arrington
Otis Armstrong
Lloyd Arnold
Luis Arroyo
Marcos Armas
Mark Arneson
Markos Armas
Michel Archambault
Tony Armas
Monty Arnovich
Ron Artest
Murray Armstrong
Neil Armstrong
Orie Arntzen
Oswaldo Arcia
Pablo Arias
Paul Arizin
Paul Armstrong
Rafael Araujo
Rene Arocha
Rick Arrington
Riley Armstrong
Robert Archibald
Rodolfo Arias
Rolando Arrojo
Scott Arniel
Shawn Armstrong
Steve Arlin
Tommy Arko
Tony Arnerich
Tony Armas Jr.
Trace Armstrong
Trevor Ariza
Troy Archer
Tug Arundel
Tyler Arnason
Tyji Armstrong
W. Arlington Latham
Warren Armstrong
Welch (Right arm extended)

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