1915 E145-2 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards

1915 E145-2 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards

The 1915 Cracker Jack E145-2 baseball card set is almost a reissue of the 1914 Cracker Jack set. The 1915 set, however, features additional players, eliminates some players and introduces some new poses and team designation changes. 

The 1915 Cracker Jack set features 176 cards, measuring 2 1/4" x 3". You can tell the difference between a 1914 and 1915 set based on the advertisements on the back of the card, also the 1915 set card backs are printed upside down in comparison with the card front.

Some of the key Hall-of-Famers included in 1925 Cracker Jack Set are: #6 Eddie Plank, #30 Ty Cobb, #37 Grover Cleveland Alexander, #57 Walter Johnson, #68 Honus Wagner and #88 Christy Mathewson.

By Dean Hanley

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