1911 T205 Gold Borders T205 Gold Border Baseball Complete Set - Built to Order

Year 1911
Manufacturer T205 Gold Borders

Below is a list of all of the cards included in this particular set. To view front and back images, click on the card names. To view scans of all of the cards included in this set, please click the first card and use the white arrows to scroll through the set.

The cards in this set will vary in grade from Fair up to Excellent, but most of the cards will grade Very Good.  There will be a mixture of graded cards as well as raw cards, and we can accommodate requests to build the set with or without certain high dollar cards.  We have around 25% of the cards we need to complete this set, in-stock, but we will have to go out and purchase the others.  That said, depending on the grade and the availability of the missing cards, the time to complete this set could range anywhere from several months to 1 year+.
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Out of Stock
$65,000.00 after 20% discount

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