Hanlon is a surname often associated with, but not necessarily tied to, the O'Hanlon Sept. The name may denote:

  • Alfred Charles Hanlon, New Zealand lawyer
  • Darren Hanlon, Australian folk musician
  • George Hanlon, British-born acrobat (see Hanlon-Lees)
  • Glen Hanlon, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
  • John Hanlon (record producer), American record producer and recording engineer
  • The Reverend John J. Hanlon, chancellor of the Diocese of Albany
  • John Hanlon (singer), New Zealand singer-songwriter
  • Ned Hanlon, American baseball manager
  • Philip J. Hanlon, American mathematician and President of Dartmouth College
  • Richie Hanlon, fictional character from Oz
  • Ritchie Hanlon, English football player and manager
  • Tommy Hanlon Jr, Australian television personality

By Dean Hanley

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