Slattery is a surname of Irish origin. The name is an anglicisation of the Irish Ó Slatara or Ó Slatraigh, meaning 'descendant of slatra' meaning 'robust', 'strong', 'bold'. The name originated in the townland of Ballyslattery in the barony of Tulla Upper in east County Clare. The Slattery coat of arms which shows three red submissive lions against a white background indicates a family that are magnanimous in warfare and yet kind and warm in peacetime.

Notable people named Slattery include:

  • Brian Slattery, Canadian academic
  • Edward James Slattery, American Roman Catholic bishop
  • Fergus Slattery, Irish rugby union player
  • Harry A. Slattery, American lawyer and statesman
  • Henry Slattery, Australian football player
  • Jack Slattery, American baseball player
  • James M. Slattery, United States Senator
  • Jim Slattery, United States politician
  • Jimmy Slattery, New York Boxer
  • John Henry Slattery, Colorado businessman
  • John Slattery, American actor
  • Martin Slattery, British musician
  • Michael Slattery, Irish priest
  • Richard X. Slattery, American actor
  • Ryan Slattery, American film and television actor
  • Tony Slattery, English actor and comedian
  • Troy Slattery, Australian rugby league footballer

By Dean Hanley

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