1910 E98 Baseball Cards

1910 E98 Baseball Cards

The 1910 E98 baseball card set consists of 30 unnumbered cards, which each measure 1½" by 2¾". Known as the "Anonymous Set of 30", the E98 cards were thought to be included with caramel candies, but the manufacturer is remains one of the great mysteries of pre-war baseball cards. Similar in appearance to the Standard Caramel issues, the E98 baseball cards can have one of four possible background colors of either red, green, orange or blue.  Each E98 card contains a numbered checklist on the back.

Originally one of the harder pre-war issues to find, the population of E98 cards doubled in 2012, with the discovery of what was publicized as "The Black Swamp Find". With many in near perfect condition, the scarity and value of E98 cards has greatly decreased.

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By Dean Hanley

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