1902-11 Sporting Life Cabinets (W600)

The 1902-11 Sporting Life Cabinets (W600) feature stunning portraits of baseball players, and are mounted on a 5" by 7½" heavy cardboard matte.  They are unnumbered and have blank backs.  The W600 Sporting Life Cabinets could be acquired, for over decade, from the Sporting Life Newspaper Company, for the redemption of 3 two-cent stamps and a coupon found in the publication.  They could also be purchased for a dime a piece or a dozen for a dollar.

The 1902-11 Sporting Life set contains numerous image and team variations. To date, there have been around 700 unique versions of the W600 cabinets discovered, with new ones appearing periodically.  The design of the matted frame also varied over the years.  While most of images, depict the player in his uniform, but some also appear in street clothes.  The photos were taken by Carl Horner, and many were later used in a multitude of pre-WWI sets, including T206.  

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