1967 Topps Who Am I

1967 Topps Who Am I
The 1967 Topps Who Am I Set is one of the most unique non-sports sets ever produced by the company, and contains only 44 cards. What this set lacks for in size, it makes up for in creativity. This set contains cards of athletes, and figures from history, all featured in a disguise that was meant to be scratched off to reveal the person in question.  If you chose not to scratch off the disguise, you can also guess who is on the card by a briefly worded riddle helping to solve the mystery.

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#3 xDIS James Monroe (Without Disguise)
Excellent/Mint - 6
#19 xDIS Charles DeGaulle (Without Disguise)
Very Good - 3
#21 xDIS Christopher Columbus (Without Disguise)
Very Good/Excellent - 4

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