1933 George C. Miller (R300)

The 1933 George C. Miller & Company Baseball Card Set (R300) was distributed exclusively in the Boston area and contains 32 unnumbered cards.  Regionally issued, it is the most difficult of the 1930s gum sets to complete.  The 1933 George C. Miller set contains two players from each team.  Although loaded with 20 future Hall-of-Fame players, the issue is maligned for the exclusion of Ruth and Gehrig.

Designed for kids, a 1933 George C. Miller & Co. complete set could be redeemed at any major league ball park for a chance to win a mitt, baseball, or a grandstand ticket.  Once the cards were submitted, they were returned, along with the prize, with the bottoms of the cards cut off, so they could not be redeemed a second time.  Today, these "cut" 1933 George C. Miller cards are graded as "Authentic".  

The dirty trick was that the company short-printed the #2 Ivy Andrews card to make complete sets much more difficult to complete and the prizes harder to collect.  As a result, only a few "uncut" Ivy Andrews cards remain.

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