1911 Obak Cabinets (T4)

1911 Obak Cabinets (T4)
The 1911 Obak Cabinets (T4) feature Pacific Coast League players and were offered as premiums, in exchange for 50 Obak cigarette pack coupons. Each 1911 Obak Premium card is 5" x 7" in size, with an enclosed 3-1/2" x 5" black & white image of the player, contained in an oval frame.  The T4 Obak Cabinets feature the same player poses that were used on the smaller, colored T212 cards, that were included in the cigarette packs.  We know from the checklist, that is on the coupons, that the set features 175 cards, but the the 1911 Obak Cabinets are so rare, that there are known examples for less than half of the T4 set.

The 1911 Obak Cabinets have no printed player name or card number, but the cards almost always have a number, written in pencil, on the upper left corner of the card back.  These numbers correspond to  the player checklist, and were added by someone at the Obak, to assist in the filling of orders.

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