1910-13 Red Cross Tobacco (T215) Baseball Cards

1910-13 Red Cross Tobacco (T215) Baseball Cards
The 1910-13 Red Cross Tobacco (T215) Baseball Card Set was comprised of attractively colored, unnumbered cards with white borders. The T215 Red Cross Tobacco cards contain the same images found in the T206 set and were distributed in the New Orleans area.  The card backs featured ads for Red Cross Tobacco.  The cards are very scarce and most that have survived are in very rough condition.

The 1910-13 Red Cross Tobacco (T215) set has two subsets.  Type I or T215-1 cards were distributed in 1910-12, contains 88 cards and has the players' last name and team in brown print on the card fronts.  The Red Cross Tobacco Type II or T215-2 cards were issued in 1912 and 1913 and contain 84 cards with blue print on the front.

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