1933 Rittenhouse E285 Candy

The 1933 Rittenhouse Candy (E285) baseball cards, produced by the Rittenhouse Candy Co. of Philadelphia, is the last of the great E-card sets.  It resembles a deck of miniature playing cards, measuring 1 7/6" by 2 1/4" in size.  A completed deck of 52 cards, features 46 different players, with Babe Ruth appearing on 3 different cards.

The 1933 Rittenhouse Candy baseball cards can be found with either red, blue, green, or orange ink on the front.  The back of each card contains either a large letter, or details of a promotional offer - giving the each card many possible variations.  The letters could be assembled to spell out "Rittenhouse Candy Co.", which could then be traded in for a gift, of either a fielder's glove, skates, a first base mitt, an air rifle, a baseball, or a pearl knife.

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