1934 D382 Tarzan Bread Baseball Cards

The 1934 Tarzan Bread Baseball Card Set (D382), also known as the Tarzan Thoro Bread Set, is of the mystery pre-war issues in the hobby.  Almost nothing is known who produced the cards, where they were distributed, how many are in the set, or why such obscure players were chosen for the issue.  The 1934 Tarzan Thoro Bread cards are extremely scarce, with less than 40 different players discovered to date.

The unnumbered 1934 Tarzan Bread cards are 2 1/4" by 3 1/4" in size, and feature a black & white photo and the players' name.  The card backs contain the phrase 'Tarzan Thoro Bread Builds Champions" and a bio of the player.  Some of the 1934 Tarzan Thoro Bread cards have been found with a red sticker across the top of the card back, containing the word "TROPHY".  It is unknown why, or even if it was placed there by the manufacturer, which only deepens the mystery. 

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