1909 T212 Obak Baseball Cards

1909 T212 Obak Baseball Cards
The 1909 T212 Obak Baseball Card Set was released by the Obak Tobacco company.  The T212 set contains three subsets, issued in 3 consecutive years.  The first subset, which is T212 Obak, contains 76 unnumbered cards of players from the Pacific Coast League.  The T212 Baseball Cards measure 1 1/2" x 2 5/8" (standard tobacco card size) and heavily resemble the popular T206 baseball card set.  

The 1909 T212 cards have the text on the back printed in blue.  The main way of distinguishing them from the larger second subset is that the backs, especiallly the word "Obak" are fashioned in an "Old English" style with italicized fonts.  The most notable cards in this 1909 T212 set are: Chick Gandil, Spider Baum, Ping Bodie and Duffy Lewis cards.

By Dean Hanley

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