1960 Nu-Card Baseball Hi-Lites Cards

1960 Nu-Card Baseball Hi-Lites Cards
The 1960 Nu-Card Baseball Hi-Lites Card Set contains 72 cards measuring 3 1/4" x 5 3/8".  The Nu-Card Baseball Hi-Lites cards feature black and white player photos on the front with black and red text.  

The style is that of a newspaper, made to look as if it's a news story highlighting an important moment in baseball history.  This set is closely related to the Nu-Cards Scoops issue, as the cards are very similar, some of the subject matter is repeated within both sets.  However, the Scoops cards are much smaller in size.

The 1960 Nu-Card Baseball Hi-Lites card backs feature a trivia question in green and black text.  In the middle of the card there is the image of a baseball diamond with the words, "It's fun, save the entire series."  Some of the key cards in this issue are:  #1 Babe Ruth Hits 3 Homers In A Series Game, #22 Mickey Mantle Hits Longest Homer, #39 Ted Williams Hits .406 for Season and #50 Mickey Mantle Hits Longest Homer At Stadium.

By Dean Hanley

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