1968 Topps Milton Bradley Baseball Cards

The 1968 Topps Milton Bradley Baseball Card Set features 77 cards that were included in "Win A Card" board game that included a limited number of Topps baseball, football and Hot Rod cards and were used to play the game.  The key card in the 1968 Milton Bradley set is the #177 Nolan Ryan rookie card.

The baseball cards included with the game, are nearly identical to the standard 1968 Topps issue, with the same pictures used on the front of the cards and same card numbers assigned on the back.  The Milton Bradley game selected cards from Series 1 & 2 of the 1968 Topps Baseball card set, with highest Milton Bradley card number being #195.  

The cards are so similar, and the game so unknown, that the existence of the Milton Bradley cards were not fully documented until 2005.  The only way the Milton Bradley cards can be distinguished from the standard Topps issue is by their brighter yellow backs. The standard Topps cards are more muted with a goldenrod hue.  The exceptions to this are cards #49 Eddie Brinkman and #66 Casey Cox, which have the Senators in white letters, instead of the standard yellow.

By Dean Hanley

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