1963 Bazooka

The 1963 Bazooka Baseball Card Set contained 36 cards, which were originally featured on 12, three card panels.  These blank backed cards measure 1 9/16" by 2 1/2", and cards from this year were the first to be featured in this size, which was a reduction from the previous year.  The advantage of these cards is that unlike buying a package of unknown cards, you were able to clearly see which cards came on each box of bubble gum, meaning that players went fast in their team's towns.  

The 1963 Bazooka Baseball Card Set has no shortage of star players such as Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks, Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial, and Carl Yastrzemski. These cards have also been reproduced, but luckily non-authentic cards are easy to spot.  These cards will have a very glossy appearance, as a photocopy of the card was printed off and then glued to card stock.  Due to this, these cards will also be slightly thicker than the original 1963 Bazooka cards, and it is often very easy to get the photocopied image to peel off.

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#1 Mickey Mantle (HALL-OF-FAME)
Very Good - 3
$689 after 15% discount
#6 Bill Mazeroski (HALL-OF-FAME)
Excellent/Mint - 6
$68 after 5% discount
#12 Willie Mays (HALL-OF-FAME)
Near Mint - 7
$485 after 15% discount
#22 Orlando Cepeda (HALL-OF-FAME)
Excellent/Mint - 6
$149 after 10% discount
#23 Stan Musial (HALL-OF-FAME)
Near Mint - 7
$360 after 10% discount

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