1907 A.C. Dietsche Detroit Tigers Partial Complete Set

Year 1907
Manufacturer A.C. Dietsche
Team Tigers

VG - 3

This A.C. Dietsche Detroit Tigers Partial Complete Set has many of the cards contained in the set and was produced by the A.C. Dietsche Postcard Company of Detroit, from 1907 to 1909, to commemorate the 3 consecutive seasons that the Tigers won the A.L. Pennant. Unfortunately, the Tigers lost all three World Series.  There are three Detriot Tigers Hall-of-Fame players in the 1907 A.C. Dietsche Postcard Set: Ty Cobb, Sam Crawford and manager Hughie Jennings

Ty Cobb in the only player in the A.C. Dietsche Detroit Tigers Set with a variation.  Cobb was first printed in a harder-to-find fielding pose, that was quickly replaced with a more attractive postcard the features him in his batting stance.  The unnumbered postcards measure 3-1/2” by 5-1/2” and feature a black and white in-action photo of the player in front of a black background.  

The A.C. Dietsche Detroit Tigers Postcards that were published in 1907 display the player's photograph, while the 1908 and 1909 postcards have the player’s last name added.  The backs of the A.C. Diestsche postcards have the player's name and a short biography, as well as the postcard legalities and dated copyright line.

What makes the 1907 A.C. Dietsche Detroit Tigers Set particularly collectible is that it contains Ty Cobb’s true rookie card.  Cobb is the only player with two poses in the 1907 Dietsche set. The Cobb fielding pose is significantly rarer, and considered a variation. It appears the Dietsche Cobb fielding pose was replaced with the batting pose early in the print run.

This partial set contains 13 cards out of the possible 15 cards. This is not a complete set.
This set does not include the cards: Boss Schmidt , Ty Cobb BAT

The cards ranked by Value:

  • 1907 A.C. Dietsche Sam Crawford : 3 - VG
  • 1907 A.C. Dietsche Charles O'Leary : 3 - VG
  • 1907 A.C. Dietsche Hughie Jennings : 3 - VG
  • 1907 A.C. Dietsche George Mullin : 3 - VG
  • 1907 A.C. Dietsche Germany Schaefer : 3 - VG
  • 1907 A.C. Dietsche Bill Donovan : 3 - VG
  • 1907 A.C. Dietsche William Coughlin : 3 - VG
  • 1907 A.C. Dietsche Ed Killian : 3 - VG
  • 1907 A.C. Dietsche Edward Siever : 3 - VG
  • 1907 A.C. Dietsche Jerome Downs : 3 - VG
  • 1907 A.C. Dietsche Claude Rossman : 3 - VG
  • 1907 A.C. Dietsche Fred Payne : 3 - VG

Set breakdown by grade:

Number of Cards in Set 13
Average Grade - Weighted by Value 2.95 - VG
Average Grade - Unweighted 2.92 - VG
Grade Breakdown
3 - VG 12
2 - GOOD 1

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Serial Number
Item #3410805
3 - VG
$1,208.00 after 20% discount

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