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You can count on Dean's Cards to offer you our best price upfront when we bid on your sports card collection.  We buy around 1000 vintage sports card collections each year and will do everything that we can to eliminate the hassles, confusion and stress of selling your hockey card collection.  Please feel free to view the video clip for more information.  While Dean refers to baseball cards, much of the same concepts apply to hockey and other vintage cards.

Hockey Cards that Dean's Cards Buys:

  • Pre-1978 hockey Cards
  • Pre-1985 Complete Sets
  • Pre-1975 Graded hockey Cards from PSA, BVG, and SGC
We strive to make the process of selling your vintage hockey card collection quick, easy and hassle free.  You can count on Dean's Cards to offer you our best price upfront when you sell your hockey cards, baseball cards, other sports cards and non-sports cards. Most importantly, we can usually pay more than other dealers for vintage hockey cards, because we sell direct through our website and eliminate the middle man.

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A few good reasons on Why to Sell Your hockey Cards to Dean's Cards:

  • Prompt response and prompt offer when you sell hockey cards -- all inquiries answered within 1 business day.
  • Personal attention combined with customized bid software give you the best price when you sell hockey cards -- a team of professionals reviews the condition of your collection card-by-card, and we then use our proprietary bid software to determine the true value of your collection. That takes the guesswork out of our bid when you sell hockey cards.
  • Dean's Cards buys about 1000 card collections every year. Click here to read our testimonials
  • Click on Dean's video on the right to learn more.

We buy baseball cards from 1969 and older.*

* We can buy most 1970s sports cards, especially if they are part of a larger vintage sports card collection.

* Besides some complete sets, we rarely buy cards newer than 1980, as they rarely have enough value.

FAQs on how Dean's Cards Buys Vintage Hockey Cards

  • Please complete the form for more information on how to sell hockey cards to us. We will do everything that we can to eliminate the hassles, confusion and stress of selling a Hockey card collection.
  • Inquiries are answered within one business day. Please give us a general idea of how many vintage Hockey cards you have and from what years. We check our e-mails throughout the day and will answer you back within a few hours.  We will then send you all kinds of information on how we buy old sports cards and what we pay.
  • Dean's Cards buys and sells more vintage cards than anyone else in the world. The reason is very simple - we pay more.
  • We offer our best price upfront when we bid on your sports card collection.
  • When we receive the information about your cards, we will forward detailed information on how the process works and what we pay.
  • If you still need more information, will be glad to speak to you on the phone, and answer any questions that you may have concerning our buying process, but please fill out the form first.
  • Please note that most people who are trying to sell their Hockey cards are shocked to learn that almost all of the cards issued after 1980 have such a low value that they are rarely worth the postage required to mail them.

  • Check out our "Recently Added Cards Page" to view some of the cards that were purchased and added to our online inventory in the last month!

    We buy just about any pre-1970 sports or non-sports cards. Click below for more information if you want to:

  • Sell Your Baseball Cards
  • Sell Your Football Cards
  • Sell Your Basketball Cards
  • Thanks for your inquiry.  We look forward to the opportunity to bid on your card collection!

    By Dean Hanley - Owner of Dean's Cards


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