McHugh is a common surname of Irish origin. People having this surname include:

  • Bob McHugh, American pianist and composer
  • Brendan McHugh (born 1990), American swimmer
  • Chris McHugh (born 1964), drummer of Christian rock band White Heart
  • Collin McHugh (born 1987), American baseball player
  • Edward McHugh (1853-1915), social reformer
  • Francis McHugh (born 1925), Yorkshire-born Gloucestershire cricketer with the lowest batting average of any regular first-class player
  • Frank McHugh (1898-1981), American film and television actor
  • Frazer McHugh (born 1981), professional footballer
  • Gerry McHugh (21st century), nationalist politician in Northern Ireland
  • Godfrey McHugh (1911-1997) US Air Force General and aide to President John F. Kennedy
  • Heather McHugh (born 1948), American poet
  • James M. McHugh (born 1922), United States Marine Corps officer
  • James T. McHugh (1932-2000), third bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre
  • Jason McHugh (born 1968), American television producer and actor
  • Jeannette McHugh (born 1934), Australian politician
  • Jimmy McHugh (1894-1969), American composer
  • Joe McHugh (born 1971), Irish Fine Gael politician
  • John M. McHugh (born 1948), Irish-American politician
  • John McHugh (musician) (born 1957), Irish musician
  • John McHugh (tenor) (1912-2004), tenor from Wolverhampton
  • Kevin McHugh (born 1980), Irish football (soccer) player
  • Kevin McHugh (musician) (born 1982), American pianist
  • Matthew F. McHugh (born 1938), former Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from New York
  • Maureen F. McHugh (born 1959), science fiction and fantasy writer
  • Michael McHugh (born 1935), former justice of the High Court of Australia
  • Mike McHugh (born 1965), former National Hockey League left wing
  • Paddy McHugh (born 1953), Irish independent politician
  • Paul McHugh (born 1958), New Zealand academic lawyer
  • Paul R. McHugh (born 1931), Lowell, Massachusetts psychiatrist, educator, author
  • Robert McHugh (born 1991), professional footballer.
  • Rusty McHugh (1947-2005), musician
  • Sean McHugh (born 1982), American football tight end
  • Terry McHugh (born 1963), retired Irish javelin thrower
  • Thomas J. McHugh (1919-2000), recipient of the Purple Heart medal
  • Tom Ed McHugh (born 1943), former Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Fictional characters with this surname include:

  • Benji McHugh, a fictional character in UK soap opera Family Affairs
  • Nathan McHugh, a fictional character of Flight 29 Down

By Dean Hanley

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