1950s Baseball Cards

1950s Baseball Cards
With huge, vivid 1952 Topps Baseball Card Set, Bowman now had a competitor and “The Great Bubble Gum Card War” was underway. Topps entered the baseball card market to sell its gum and the “Golden Era of Baseball” had begun.  What followed were set after set of beautiful baseball cards, as the Boys of the Baby Boom Generation became old enough to dscover the national pastime.

The most popular baseball card sets of the 1950s include: The 1951 Bowman set, featuring the Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays Rookie Cards, the bigger than life 1952 Topps Set, and color photography of the 1953 Bowman cards.  The hobby was launched and we are still enjoying it today.
By Dean Hanley

The Best of 1950s Baseball Cards Award Winners:

Most Popular (and Expensive) 1950s Baseball Card Set: 1952 Topps
Most Popular (and Expensive) 1950s Baseball Card: 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle
Best 1950s Variation: 1954 Bowman #66 Ted Williams
Where Did You Go?: Stan Musial - No Topps or Bowman cards from 1954 to 1957

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