1911 T205 Scarce Back Baseball Cards

The 1911 T205 Gold Border Set consists of 218 cards and were used as backing in packs containing five little cigarettes or cigars.  Known for their distinctive bold borders, the T205 baseball cards measure 1 1/2" x 2 5/8".  The T205 cards for players from the NL or AL have distinctive borders and the 12 minor league players in the T205 set have very ornate borders on their cards.

The logo for the tobacco brand is printed below the player's biographical information on the back. The rarest backs found on T205 cards are: Broad Leaf, Drum and Hindu backs.

There are 12 minor league cards in the 1911 T205 baseball card set that are distinguishable by their ornate design. Also, the borders on the front of the cards differ whether the player depicted is from a National League or American League team. With Hall-of-Famers such as: Ty Cobb, Eddie Collins, Walter Johnson & Cy Young - the T205 set is probably the second most popular set of the era.

By Dean Hanley

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